"Crocfol supplies its Premium protective display film with German instructions and a combination of cleaning agent and spreading knife. In a visual test Premium achieved the second-highest contrast values in sunshine and also passed the tough abrasion test without any traces. Crocfol Premium, available from network operators and others, thus provides a combination of qualities which make it the test winner." Connect 9/2013

First Class Clarity

Our premium protective film is virtually invisible as a result of its design, which follows the highest standards and utilises the latest techniques. Ultra-clear vision, great strength, colour and contrast enhancements are the key elements of our protective film. Of course it also has to be easy to apply, be bubble-free and easy to remove with out leaving any residue.

Mounting instruction

  1. Thoroughly clean the screen
    (The display must be completely free of dust and grease. Please refer to the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer)
  2. Remove the backing paper in half
  3. Position the film at the edge of the display and apply

If you are not satisfied with the results, pull the film off as much as necessary and repeat the steps. (Note: Crocfol accepts no liability for improper handling)