Personallity for your Mobile

Even though there are thousands of different phone models; the mass production of these results in our mobile phones looking much like everybody else's. Art/Skin gives you the chance to change that and make your phone your own by giving it a second skin. The possibilities for the design are almost limitless and allow you to decide what all of the areas around the screen - so the edge and back - of your mobile phone looks like. You can choose to apply one of your favourite photos of friends, family or your pet tortoise for example. This skin is designed to protect your phone from scratches and to ensure that your phone keeps looking good all over you will receive a scratch resistant protective film for your screen too.

Mounting instruction

The Art/Skin films are easy to apply without any bubbles and can be removed without leaving any residue. If it does not fit perfectly on the first try - no problem: just peel it back and start again. Once you find the right position just smooth the surface with your thumb and only then will it fully stick. You simply flatten out any bubbles with your thumb or palms by smoothing the surface from the center outward. By the way, you can also cover traces of usages such as scratches with Art/Skin. If you want to remove the Art/Skin film later, please be extra careful. It's best to warm the film up lightly with a hair dryer before removing it. The film can then be removed more easily. All this can also be found in the instructions supplied with each Art/Skin film.




Crocfol offers the Art/Skin film with a five-year warranty for anti-scratching and UV colour protection. If within this period, the film is scratched or the colour should fade, you will receive a new film (on production of the defective film and proof of purchase). The warranty covers scratching appearing through normal use of your device, but excludes any scratching resulting from the wilful and deliberate scratching of the film with items such as knives, keys, etc. To exchange the film under warranty, please send us the defective film together with a fully completed warranty card and proof of purchase. Only fully completed warranty cards will be processed.