Only see what you want to see.

As obvious as this sounds, this desire is so difficult to realize at times - especially with the high-resolution displays, which reflect the background and quickly are covered with annoying fingerprints. With the anti-reflection film this problem is solved. With high colour and contrast enhancement the properties of the displays are even better. Disturbing fingerprints are kept to a minimum. Clear vision, high mechanical strength, easy and bubble-free installation and residue-free removability are self-evident.

Mounting instruction

  1. Thoroughly clean the screen
    (The display must be completely free of dust and grease. Please refer to the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer)
  2. Remove the backing paper in half
  3. Position the film at the edge of the display and apply

If you are not satisfied with the results, pull the film off as much as necessary and repeat the steps. (Note: Crocfol accepts no liability for improper handling)